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Poonam Dhillon and Columbia Pacific Communities launch #FraudFighters campaign

The campaign aims to educate and protect senior citizens against the increasing financial cyber scams targeting them.

Actor Poonam Dhillon has teamed up with Columbia Pacific Communities (CPC), to launch an awareness campaign #FraudFighters on World Senior Citizens Day, August 21. The campaign, powered by Karnataka Bank, aims to educate and protect senior citizens against the increasing financial cyber scams targeting them.

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World Senior Citizens Day 2023 | #FraudFighters

The #FraudFighters campaign’s first phase focuses on driving awareness through interactive audio bytes featuring conversations between seniors and scammers. These engaging audio bytes aim to empower seniors with insights into the dynamic landscape of banking policies, including terms like OTP and KYC. These terms can be overwhelming for seniors, making them susceptible to cybercrimes. As part of the campaign, Columbia Pacific Communities organized a comprehensive 60-minute online awareness session in collaboration with Karnataka Bank, titled ‘Unmasking Cyber Fraud for Seniors’, to equip seniors with the knowledge and tools needed to safeguard themselves against online scams.

Poonam Dhillon, in a compelling video message, sheds light on the rising cases of cyber scams targeting seniors in India. She emphasizes the campaign’s goal of turning seniors into #FraudFighters to protect their hard-earned money. The campaign aims to empower seniors to confidently counter online scams and educate them about potential threats.

Piali Dasgupta, senior vice president of marketing at Columbia Pacific Communities, stated that the campaign aims to make seniors less vulnerable to cyber scams by helping them understand the modus operandi of these scams and how to protect their financial resources.

Pankaj Gupta, chief digital and marketing officer of Karnataka Bank, highlighted the collaboration’s goal to educate seniors about various scam tactics and empower them to stay ahead of potential threats in today’s advancing technological landscape.

The #FraudFighters campaign reflects the collective effort to enhance the security and well-being of senior citizens in the face of evolving cyber threats.